Thursday, April 2, 2009

Southwest Surprise

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I played sous chef today! I took a break from my usual kitchen adventures and let someone else do all the heavy lifting. The dish was basically chili baked with soy cheddar cheese cornbread on top. We went all vegan today, substituting egg whites with egg replacer and dairy cheddar cheese with soy cheddar cheese. We also used non-dairy cornbread mix instead. Guacamole, salsa, soy sour cream and roasted potatoes round out the meal. The only thing that I didn't like was the veggie sausage. The flavors were good, but the texture was cake-y, sort of like sausage flavored matzo ball.

The recipe can be found here.


  1. Soy sour cream, eh? I'll be darned if I don't learn something new every day.

  2. Word. Pretty good with stuff; on its own you can taste the soy (but who eats it on its own?).

    The sausage ( didn't get a fair showing. I think I should have browned it some before simmering with the veggies to give it a crust so it didn't get as soggy. Or maybe CG just likes her sausage porky.

  3. this blog is getting a little too x-rated.

  4. How is anything "too x-rated"?