Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chinese Breakfast - Dan Bing and Fan Tuan

Pin It Good tasting Chinese breakfast is so hard to find in the States. I've dined in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco over the years and I've never had Chinese breakfast that came close to what I've had in Taipei.

Today, I went to the breakfast joint 2 blocks away. It's nothing fancy, but darn delicious. I wish I can eat everything on the menu, but I'm only capable of so much. So I ordered my two favorite Chinese breakfast items with a cup of sweetened soy milk.

This first item is egg pancake (dan bing). I think of it as a Chinese breakfast burrito. It's pretty simple -- fluffy scrambled eggs with scallions wrapped in a crepe-like pancake and drizzled with some soy sauce.

The second item is a twist on an old favorite of mine. It's a rice roll-up egg omelet. The familiar part is the rice roll-up (fan tuan) itself, which is just a deep-fried dough (you tiao) and some pickled radishes stuffed in white rice. The egg omelet part must be new. I've never seen anything like that. I love these rice roll-ups. The best one that I ever had was about the size of a softball and stuffed with deep-fried dough, shredded pork, pickled mustard leaves, half a tea egg, and soybean curd. It is one of those things that I often dream about. Ah, memories...


  1. oooh that egg pancake looks good. I'm going to have to tell my Dad's girl friend to make that one day for me. She is Chinese. :D

  2. Dear lady bug above... I am sad to report this, but dan bin is kinda hard to make at home... usually eaten at food stands... they have this humongous crepe grill where they make it...usually not available at home...

    Anyhoo CG, more food porn from Taiwan please!

  3. I just showed it to my Dad's girl friend she said she can make it. I'm excited to try it now. :D