Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We're back! + Turd Dogs + Spicy Quinoa

Pin It Moving is hard.

Never mind the weeks living out of a dozen of opened and half full boxes, the weeks of starting every other sentence with "where is __blank__?", and the weeks of cleaning, lining shelves, washing dishes, along with the other gazillion things that remain on the ever expanding to-do list, the absolute worst part about moving is eating takeout everyday. Last week, our pizza came with pepperoni instead of pineapple. So I had to eat an entire pie by myself over the course of four days. Nothing kills one's appetite for pizza quite like having to eat it over and over day after day. I hate overpriced Whole Foods salad bar... next thing you know, I won't want Indian buffet either. Then we're really shit out of luck here in Silicon Valley.

Now that our kitchen is in decent shape (with only a two more boxes to unpack), I'm ready to start cooking again. Of course, the perfect recipe for such an occasion is -- turd dogs?!?!

They say you can't polish a turd. But, it turns out you can make turd dogs look sort of like sausages. I tried putting them in buns and dressing them with condiments, but they still look like... well, shit. I wish our homemade sauerkraut had survived the move so at least we can cover this shit up. But our sauerkraut became a moldy, smelly, and generally vomit-inducing mess from heat and neglect. So here we are, looking at semi-naked turd dogs.

Incidentally, the post containing the recipe has a picture of turd dogs that strongly resemble something you'd find on a sidewalk or at a gas station restroom. VB, being generally fascinated with all things poop-y, was disappointed that my turd dogs did not look like they were freshly fished out of a toilet and plopped onto a plate.

Okay, I'll stop now.

Spicy quinoa is tasty. And it doesn't look like poop. There's nothing wrong with that.

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