Monday, July 26, 2010

A Public Service Announcement

Pin It I urge everyone out there reading this blog (all THREE of you) to go home and spend a few hours organizing your pantry. No, it doesn't sound exciting or fun or sexy. Yes, you probably have a lot to do already and that's probably at the bottom of your to-do list (if it's even on the list). But one day soon, you will thank me for this.

Because you never know when your significant other will decide to make pasta from scratch using the flour contained in a jar labeled "all-purpose flour." And s/he will not know that you had dumped rice flour into the jar because you ran out of containers and couldn't be bothered to change the label. Then s/he will seriously wonder why the dough has the density and elasticity of a damp rag. And then as s/he stands in the kitchen scratching his/her head as to what happened ("but I followed the recipe exactly!!...."), you'll have to sheepishly admit that you screwed up, thank him/her for valiant effort and apologize profusely.

No fresh pasta for you! And you're out of rice flour. All because you couldn't be bothered to find a sharpie and a label when you had to.


Well, at least it's not rat poison.

The more you know... *Rainbow*

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