Wednesday, March 18, 2009

German Soft Pretzel

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Pei mentioned Rockenwagner Bakery's pretzels the other day. I forgot how much I loved that bacon cheese pretzel twist. The other one of my many favorites from Rockenwagner was their cheddar pretzel roll, which was essentially a pretzel ball scored open and filled with cheddar cheese. So good.

I attempted to make my own cheddar pretzel roll today and overbaked it. It was still delicious, but not up to Rockenwagner's standard. I also made these giant soft pretzels. I didn't realize how much they would puff up. That's why they looked like pretzels on steroids.

I followed the recipe from here. Next time I would boil these in baking soda solution for a little longer to give them a chewier texture. I would also make 8 instead of 4 pretzels, to account for how much the dough rises.

Update: They taste better (i.e. chewier) when cooled to room temperature, like fried chicken (so I was told).


  1. Could I make a blog request? Xiao Long Bao... could you make some of those for us to see?

  2. I would like to honor any requests. But, xiao long bao is a little too technically difficult. I'm sure Pei can make really awesome ones.

  3. I'm always offering to throw a dumpling party, but no one ever wants to take me up on the offer.