Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mystery Produce of the Week: King Trumpet and Pink Oyster Mushrooms

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There's a mushroom stand at our local farmers' market. We passed by it many times and never bought anything interesting until recently. Based on nothing more than just how they looked, we bought these king trumpet mushrooms and pink oyster mushrooms. I decided that I want to highlight the mushrooms by making something simple and savory. So I made something really similar to the healing bowl and topped it some sauteed mushrooms.

I didn't think the king trumpet mushrooms were anything special. Sure, they were meaty and tasty, but pretty unremarkable as far as mushrooms go. They tasted like mushrooms. Just regular mushrooms. That cannot be said about pink oyster mushrooms, which were pungent in a distinctive way. When I cut them up, they had a woody, slightly astringent smell that was a bit unpleasant. But that did not compare with the way they smell when cooked.

After struggling a bit with finding the right words to describe them, VB said, "They smell like the zoo. A zoo with lots and lots of monkeys." And, yes, that was exactly what they smelled like -- monkeys. A big, happy family of stinky, gross monkeys. It's pretty rare for me to find things that I won't eat and this was really close. VB found them downright disgusting. So it's pretty safe to say that we won't be buying anymore pink oyster mushrooms in the near future.

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