Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday Cherry Streusel

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 It's VB's birthday! Happy birthday! I don't bake a lot around here, because VB's grandma always sends us delicious baked goodies. But I always make an exception for VB's birthday. But VB's grandma also gave us a big assist on this one -- she gave me a box of streusel and this medieval torture device looking thing.

It's a cherry pitter! Yeah, I gave that one away. It's an enormous upgrade from the paperclip that I used last time when I made cherry pie. VB's grandma read my sad tale of trying to pit enough cherries for a cherry pie, so she kindly sent me this family heirloom so I can pit cherries quickly and easily. It made this strudel a piece of cake! Har. Har.


Totally delicious. Thanks, Gi, for this wonderful dessert!

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