Friday, January 29, 2010

The Super Peel and the Lonely Pizza

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This slice of pizza is so sad looking, probably because we ate all of its brothers and sisters. We are not to blame for this tragedy. It's the pizza's fault for having a crispy crust, melted mozzarella, chunky tomato sauce, and refreshing basil leaves. No, the real culprit here is the Super Peel (cue dramatic music!).

I got a lot of food-related presents for Christmas. The list includes: 2 bottles of hot sauce, a bucket of chocolate shaped like chicken wings and blue cheese dressing (already on my butt and thighs), a giant box of Toblerone (ditto), an onion saver (used with great success), a vegetable peeler and the Super Peel. VB gave me the Super Peel after we struggled with moving pizza from the counter onto the pizza stone. It was always a two person job -- each armed with 2 extra large spatulas with a variety of oven mitts and tongs standing by.

Well, everything changed after the Super Peel ("A.S.P."). Now pizza pies get transported easily without warped dough or scattered toppings. The entire pie gets direct contact with the pizza stone, creating a nice crispy bottom. In this new A.S.P. era, I will be able to easily move pie crusts, breads and other doughy-goodness. It's the new culinary frontier.

As for the lonely pizza, well, I'm sad to report that it joined its family in my tummy shortly after the photo was taken. Can you blame me?

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