Thursday, January 28, 2010

Broccoli and Edamame Soup

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I was searching for a broccoli soup recipe online that doesn't contain a ton of butter, cheese or cream. I came upon this recipe by Gordon Ramsay. Like him or not, the man can cook. At first, I thought it was a joke. Really? So many Michelin stars and you're going to boil broccoli in water and puree it?

This soup is incredible! It came as a shock just how delicious it turned out, even though it was nothing but water, broccoli and edamame. The recipe is extremely simple, takes no more than 10 minutes but the soup tastes complex yet clean. This proves that simple ingredients and easy preparation can have delicious results.

My only contribution to this recipe is to add 2 cups of frozen edamame to the boiling water about 2 minutes before I add the broccoli. My soup is thicker and, more importantly, has a lot more protein. Gordon Ramsay may have made a vegetarian soup, but he hasn't considered vegetarians' protein intake. I served it simply with a piece of cheesy garlic toast. The soup tasted great even without any goat cheese.

This carnivore thinks it's an awesome soup. Tangerine agrees with me. She lapped up the soup and even pawed at it a couple of times. Finally, a soup we can all enjoy.

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