Thursday, September 15, 2011

I haz a blog?

Pin It Okay, I neglected the blog, which three of you in the world read. Hope you all didn't start a search and rescue mission (*cue laughter*).

Moving on. We have been subsisting on frozen pizza, veggie burger and one bad food experiment after another. I attempted a vegan moussaka, which was awful. It was just meh on the first day. I thought the soy bechamel cheese sauce, made of soy milk, Earth Balance, soy ricotta and more soy cheese, tasted very soy-y (shocking! who would've thunk?), but it was alright. Then the next day, the whey separated and we had disgusting looking tofu on top and a pool of liquid at the bottom. Not one of my best vegan experiments. There are days when I think, "Hey, this isn't bad! I can go vegan tomorrow!" And then there are days like these where I think, "Man, butter, eggs, cream and real cheese sound mighty fine right now."

I also attempted to make a black bean soup. You'd think that's pretty fail safe, but you'd be wrong. Because my beans did not cook. At all. For 3 hours. VB ate the soup quietly so thankfully I didn't have to chew crunchy beans with my soup. Unlike that moussaka that's staring at us with its ugly tofu and pool of liquid every time we open the refrigerator. Remind me to throw that crap out.

I promise some real cooking soon. In the meantime, please feel free to laugh at (not with, I'm not laughing yet) my culinary failures.

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