Friday, May 13, 2011

The Joy of Indoor Grilling

Pin It My absolute favorite thing about the new place is the abundance of light every morning. I'm filled with hope and optimism when I wake up everyday. My second absolute favorite thing is our GAS STOVE! For as long as I've been a renter, I've used electric stoves. The flat top ones were okay, but the ones with the metal wires drove me nuts. Sure, in some ways, electric stoves are superior, but for my money, I like to cook food the old fashioned way -- with fire.

I've always wanted to put one of those nifty grilling pans over gas stoves and do some indoor grilling. For me, grilling always feels like summer afternoon with cool breeze and cold beer. To be able to do that indoors is amazing; it's a luxury that I'll never take for granted. But there are some pitfalls to grilling inside at 9 pm. I found out quickly that exhaust fan should be on and windows should be open, unless your want to freak out your neighbors in the middle of the night with your blaring smoke alarm.

I grilled some sliced eggplants and yellow zucchinis (I now know why Americans love grill marks -- they make food look so delectable), chopped them up into bite size pieces, tossed together with salt, pepper, chopped parsley and a little bit of red wine vinegar. I served it with some toast and white beans cooked with olive oil, rosemary, garlic and red pepper flakes.

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