Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tofu Picatta

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Conventional thinking says I've clearly got the better end of the deal when we dine out. As an omnivore, I have many more options to chose from and I'm never weary of chicken broth or fish sauce or gelatin or lard or any number of non-vegetarian ingredients that tend to creep onto the plate.

But what I've learned from dining out with a vegetarian is that good restaurants serve delicious food and bad restaurants serve crappy food. Period. It doesn't matter whether there's meat on the plate; VB and I are generally equally happy (or unhappy) with our respective meal.

Well, that's true most of the time...

Occasionally, we would go to a restaurant where one of us loved the food while the other ate nothing but the bread. We had that experience recently at a fine dining eatery. I ordered pork two ways with pork tenderloin and pork belly. VB ordered tofu picatta. No contest, right? I thought so too. But it was VB who loved his food and me who hated my pork both ways. It just goes to show that a meal with meat doesn't always taste better than a meal without.

That was weeks ago, but I still think about the terrible pork that I barely ate. The only way to atone for crime against the piggies is to make some tofu picatta. I think that would give me some closure and make me feel better -- a symbolic return to the scene of crime and exorcise one's culinary demons of sorts...or something.

Anyway, it was what we had last night, okay?

It was a pretty quick meal and full of flavor. The mushrooms were meaty and robust while the lemon and capers bring a nice balance to the dish. I can see why this could be more delicious than pork two ways. You can find the recipe here.

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