Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eggless Quiche with Polenta

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I've wanted to make quiche for some time. But VB says 1) its bad for his cholesterol and 2) only girls eat quiche. Unfortunately, those claims are true. Have you ever seen a man order quiche?

I can't change the fact that quiche is girl food, but I can do something about the cholesterol. Here, I've made a quiche with tofu instead of eggs and polenta instead of pie pastry. I do like the tofu part -- it's pretty flavorful and not obviously soy-y. I think the texture can be firmer. Next time, I'll spend more time pressing water out of the tofu -- that should make for a firmer quiche.

I like polenta, but not in this dish. For me, the polenta isn't enough of a flavor or textural contrast from the tofu. I will probably try the recipe again but substituting the polenta with something else.

The recipe calls for "nutritional yeast," which is an ingredient common in vegan cooking but one that I've never used. You can buy it in the bulk section at Whole Foods. It is flaky, smells and tastes pretty much like dry cheese powder. So much so that this morning, I found Tangerine (a.k.a. "Fatty") had dragged the bag down from the counter in the middle of the night and tore through the plastic to get to the cheesy goodness. Even she can't tell it's not cheese!!

You can find the recipe for the eggless polenta quiche here.

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