Sunday, May 23, 2010

Amador County Wine Tasting

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A few weeks ago, we visited Amador County (of the greater Sacramento area) for a weekend of wine tasting. Amador County grows some different varietals than other Northern California regions, so we had a very different wine tasting experience than our previous trips to Napa, Somona, or Russian River Valley. Here are some pictures, in no particular order with little or no significance. I didn't take that many pictures -- sort of got hammered as the afternoon progressed. Oops.

Old truck outside of Cooper Vineryards.

Old vines at Vino Noceto.

Half fell into the water while trying to take this shot. Like I said, hammered!

Amador City, the view outside of our hotel.

Main (and only) Street, Amador City -- an old gold mining town.

Kitty at the back patio of the hotel. We saw lots of cats over the weekend; most of them didn't care to be photographed.

Another picture outside of the hotel.

Old wine barrel at Sierra Vista.

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