Thursday, April 22, 2010

Introducing... Raisin

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This is the newest member of our family -- Raisin. We adopted her a few weeks ago from a local animal rescue organization. Out of all the kitties up for adoption, we were immediately drawn to her because she had a dainty shyness and big sad eyes. She is dark, tiny and sweet, a perfect match with her namesake. We thought she would be the perfect little sister to our five-year old calico tabby mix, Tangerine.

Little did we know, Raisin was on her best first date behavior. You know, elbows off the table, ordering salad with light dressing, and leaving half of it untouched. Raisin is actually wild and rambunctious at home. She'll bat at anything that dangles, swirls, and dances. She'll play, play, and play until she falls to the floor. She has the quietest meows to go with her big personality; she sounds like she has a terrible case of strep throat.

As far as being the perfect little sister to Tangerine? Well, I think this how Tangerine feels about her little sister....

"Mooooommmmm! Doez not want!!!"

Despite being much bigger than Raisin, Tangerine was initially very afraid of her. Now, Tangerine will make a fuss and growl if Raisin gets too close, but Raisin just ignores her and continues with her play. Raisin can definitely hold her own when Tangerine is having a hissy fit. When Tangerine is feeling more amicable, they have a great time chasing each other back and forth. Now, the relationship is one of begrudging tolerance.

Here, they are united by their common love of bird watching. Aren't they cute?

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