Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Great Pumpkin Experiment

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So November was not a good month for updates. That doesn't mean I haven't been cooking. Here's a picture from the Great Pumpkin Experiment. I heard about the recipe from KCRW's Good Food, a fun and hunger-inducing weekly podcast all about food. The recipe is about a savory cheesy bread pudding that puffs up when baked inside a pumpkin. Naturally, I had to try it. As you can see, the bread mixture did not puff up as much as the recipe said it would. I blame the poor result on the fact that I substituted cream for half and half. That ought to teach me a lesson about cutting down on fat.

Although the result wasn't as visually impressive as I had hoped, the cheesy bread pudding was very delicious. Also, it was the first time that I've ever had pumpkin that's not in the form of pie filling from a can. Turns out, pumpkin has a texture that's similar to spaghetti squash and tastes nothing like pumpkin pie. But overall, a delicious dish that packs a wow factor (assuming that it puffs up)

The recipe is from the now defunct Gourmet magazine. You can find it here as well as a picture of the puffed up roasted pumpkin.

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