Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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Since our place smells like Indian food already and no amount of Febreze can change that, why not make the matter worse and cook up some more fragrant and delicious Indian food?

Sambar is a dish generally consists of split pigeon peas (toor daal), eggplant, green peas, winter melon, potato, onion, tomato, tindora, tamarind, and a laundry list of spices. I can't claim to be proficient in making Indian food nor do I want to spent 20 dollars on spices, so I got a box of sambar spices with an indecipherable recipe printed on the back. I don't know if the recipe was properly followed, but I do know that the result is an aromatic and hearty soup full of vegetables.

To top that off, we had homemade masala dosa with some store-bought chutneys and idli. Overall, a pretty delicious meal, even if we had help from a box of spice mix.

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