Saturday, September 12, 2009

Indian and Middle Eastern Dinner Night

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We go out for Indian food with some frequency. I've really acquired a taste for it. I don't even miss the meat when I have Indian food. When there are enough spices, vegetables can taste darn delicious. To prove the point, I've cooked the most vile vegetable on earth -- the cauliflower. It's disgusting and I've hated it with intense passion for years. It's bland and bitter. When it's overcooked, it gets all gross and mushy. In my opinion, there's just no good way to eat it -- except the Indian way.

From the left going clockwise, I made aloo gobi masala (spiced cauliflower and potatoes), palak paneer minus paneer (spinach without paneer cheese), and soybeans with garlic and dill. To supplement our delicious dishes, we had Basmati rice and Naan on the side. The dishes were so flavorful that I forgot I was having cauliflower. That's a good thing.

If soybeans for an Indian meal sounds odd, it's because soybeans with garlic and dill is not an Indian dish. It's actually an Iranian dish. I wasn't quite sure how it would taste after reading the recipe (Really? Soybeans with dill and turmeric?), but it turned out to be surprisingly delicious with a mild sweetness from the onion and turmeric.

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