Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chickpeas and Lentils Tomato Soup

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Chickpeas are so versatile. In fact, yesterday we ate at Chick-O-Pea's, a Berkeley restaurant devoted to this great ingredient. Is there anything chickpeas can't do? They are great in salads, soups and as falafels and hummus. I find myself stocking up on cans of chickpeas all the time. Today, VB made this great middle eastern flavored chickpeas and lentils tomato soup. The cumin seeds make it warm and smoky and the other spices contribute to the complex flavors. We also had a side of grilled cheese sandwiches again. I can't get enough of grilled cheese sandwiches. Maybe we should start having them everyday.

The recipe for the soup can be found here.


  1. What kind of bread are you using? It looks yummy. And by yummy, I mean it looks buttery.

  2. It looks buttery because it was coated with butter (or margarine, as the case is here). It's a grilled cheese sandwich's BFF.