Sunday, May 24, 2009

Select Photos from Turkey

Pin It It's been a long trip away from home. I'm looking forward to a vacation from my vacation. For now, here is a small selection of photos taken in Turkey. Since I exceeded my Flickr storage for the month, additional pictures will be posted next month.

You'll notice that there's no picture of food. I had some really terrible food along the way, especially a meal at Samos Island. I'll never forget that meal - it was absolutely the worst meal that I've ever had. The best dish from that restaurant was some shredded cabbage drizzled with olive oil and nothing else. You can image how bad the rest of the dishes were.

Aside from the terrible food, the trip was as colorful as the pictures I took. You'll find more pictures in my Flickr photostream.

1. Ephesus, Turkey, 2. Ephesus, Turkey, 3. Ephesus, Turkey, 4. Ancient Theater of Ephesus, 5. Pamukkale, Turkey, 6. Ephesus, Turkey, 7. Prayer Wall at the House of Virgin Mary, 8. Wild Flowers in Hierapolis, 9. Hierapolis, Turkey, 10. Flowers near Pamukkale, 11. Pamukkale, Turkey, 12. Hierapolis, Turkey, 13. Dogs Swimming Near Pamukkale, 14. Flowers near Pamukkale, 15. Flowers near Pamukkale, 16. A Stop on the Silk Road, 17. A Carpet Weaver, 18. Cappadocia, Turkey, 19. Cappadocia, Turkey, 20. Hot Air Balloon Landing Site, 21. Hot Air Balloon Ride in Cappadocia, 22. View of Istanbul from Topkapi Palace, 23. View of Istanbul from Topkapi Palace, 24. View of Istanbul from Topkapi Palace, 25. View of Rumelihisar─▒ from Bosporus, 26. Sulten Ahmed Mosque, Istanbul, 27. Hot Air Balloon, 28. Hot Air Balloons, 29. Farmer's Market in Istanbul, 30. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, 31. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, 32. View from Bosporus, 33. View from Bosporus, 34. View from Bosporus, 35. Bosporus Bridge, 36. View from Bosporus


  1. Did you go on a balloon ride? And I do hope you bought one each of those awesome bowls. It will help keep me from crying too much about the awful Chinese tour food.


  2. Yes, I did go on the hot air balloon ride. I also rode a donkey on Santorini Island (pictures coming next month). I didn't get one of those bowls in Turkey, unfortunately.

  3. Nice! If you are still in Istanbul, make sure you try grilled fish. So good...much better than the cabbage crap... Grand Bazaar, imo, is a bit overrated. Did you see the Cistern?

  4. I agree Grand Bazaar is overrated - it's a tourist trap. Yes, I did go to Basilica Cistern. My pictures from there didn't come out well -- need better photography skillz. One side note on the pictures -- if they look exceptional, it's because these pictures were taken with a (borrowed) DSLR rather than my normal point-and-shoot camera. I'm considering "investing" in one now. It's fun to take pretty pictures.