Sunday, May 10, 2009

Goodbye to Taipei

Pin It I'm leaving Taipei and off to Turkey and Greece for the next two weeks. But before I go, a few odd pet pictures from Taipei.

VB and I call this cat "Agent Orange." It's the resident cat of a pet hospital in Taipei. It has a proper Chinese name, of course, but "Agent Orange" is an excellent name for a mean big fat orange cat. It looks pissed off because it was shaved and forced to wear a sailor outfit to keep warm. Let Agent Orange be an example to cats everywhere (ahem, Tangerine), stop barfing fur balls or suffer the humiliation of wearing stupid costumes.

That's right. It's a German Shepherd riding a scooter. I've seen a lot of people carry their dogs on scooters, but not like that. You'd think the driver would ride slowly, but that was not the case. In fact, we had to chase after the scooter to get this shot. If it wasn't stopped at the light, I never could have captured this picture to share with everyone.

Yes, that's a pig being walked in the park. Weird? Yes. Cute? Oh, yes.


  1. Ah have fun in Turkey and Greece. I have been planning on going to Greece. Might go to Turkey next year for a wedding. Nice pictures. Still wondering how the German Shepherd didn't fall off the scooter. I think even if I saw it I still wouldn't believe it.

  2. How is Tangerine, by the way? I'm still waiting for her to make her debut on this blog. Is she honing her typing skilz? Or just waiting for VB to stop hogging the keyboard?


  3. Finally, pictures of meat. -J

  4. Tangerine is doing well. Her blogging debut is going to have to wait. The original idea was for her to provide her kitty reaction to the food items, but due to her sensitive stomach (i.e. lots of carpet barfs) I'm sticking to feeding her cat food and an occasional squid treat until CG gets back.