Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mini-Moon in Mendocino

Pin It Every long absence from the blog deserves an equally long-winded excuse. This is a good one, so hear me out... VB and I got hitched! In the middle of our cross country wedding circuit, we took a break and drove up to Mendocino and Fort Bragg for a quick getaway. But don't call it a honeymoon, because we'd like to reserve that moniker for a bigger, badder vacation. I shall call it.... mini-moon (cue Dr. Evil).

We started off near Healdsburg and then drove up to Medocino and Fort Bragg. Nothing up there but sun, beach, wine and beer. And hippies. All good things in my book. Except the hippies. Well... they're alright too.

Dry Creek General Store. So charming.
Real pop. With sugar and everything.

Hazy Mendocino morning.

Wild blackberries -- lots of large seeds and not particularly palatable. Yes, I ate one.

Hiking in Russian Gulch.

Darwin's advice on eating things found in a forest: "Don't be stoopid." We weren't.
Same advice applies here, despite its resemblance to banana.

Sunset at Fort Bragg.
Beach full of glass washed ashore from years of trash being dumped into the ocean.
Last look at Mendocino

Obligatory cute animal picture. His name is Lou.

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