Thursday, November 4, 2010

(Expensive) Mystery Produce of the Week: Hami Melon

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The title of this blogpost is riddled with misinformation. First of all, this is not a weekly feature as the title would suggest. It's more of a whenever-I-feel-like-it feature, pretty much like everything else in this blog. Secondly, hami melon is not a complete mystery to me. Chinese people (that I know) generically call cantaloupe "hami melon," which are in fact a type of melon from a specific region of China. So I've had "hami melon" many times in its generic sense, but I'm not sure that I've actually specifically had hami melon. But try and fit that story into the blogpost title.

The only accurate information contained in the blogpost title is that this is one heck of an expensive melon. As you know, I am fond of a good mystery produce. As soon as I spotted this melon, I thought, screw you, orange! In my haste, I thought it was $1.48 per fruit, when it was in fact $1.48 per pound. The total cost of this 7-pound fruit is about $10+. Yikes! Good thing I saved money by getting Carmex for 87 cents at Target's clearance section. And then I found out I'm allergic to Carmex. Sigh.

This melon has a weird football shape. And sort of looks like a boob in the above picture (admit it). Inside, the pinky orange part tastes like cantaloupe and the green part tastes like honey drew. Maybe that's why it's so expensive -- you're getting two fruits in one! I wish this was sweeter though.

Another mystery produce -- solved!

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